Google+ Social Network Releases Vanity URL’s for Pages and Profiles

It has been a LONG time coming but Google finally started releasing Google+ custom vanity URL’s for select pages and profiles.  Facebook users have had the ability to select a custom URL since 2008 but Google held back until late 2013.  Users and select pages will be notified when they login to Google+ with a message across the top of the page “Your page is preapproved for the custom URL…” as you can see on the image for theInternet Builder Consulting Websites, SEO & Social Marketing experts page.

Once you login to Google+ and see the notification the process is fast and simple.  The next screen will show you the custom URL to select for your page or profile which you can confirm or cancel.
Once you select the custom Google+ URL simply confirm the choice and you will have one of the first vanity Google+ URL’s in the country!  This permits better branding, faster access to pages and improved user experience…plus you can now list your Google+ profiles or pages on marketing materials!
If you have any questions or would like assistance in obtaining a custom Google+ URL for your company or profile contact the Internet Experts at or call us at 816-982-9574
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