Instagram – The Latest Social Network is More Than Just a Photo Application

When Facebook purchased Instagram for 1 Billion Dollars many outside the online marketing industry wondered how in the world could a ‘photo sharing’ application be worth that much.  The answer is that Instagram is one of the fastest growing Social Networks which would have been a potential ‘competitor’ for Facebook thus it was worth buying to augment Facebook rather than compete with it.  The easy to use photo manipulation application offers a dozen different ‘filters’ that modify the look and feel of a photo in seconds.

Instagram only works on an iPhone, iPod (iTunes) or Android phone (Google Play Store), there is no ‘website’ to visit like Facebook although it is being used by teens and young adults to communicate like Facebook.  Users in Instagram can ‘comment’, ‘like’ and communicate with other users.  Photos from Instagram are easily integrated with Facebook and Google+ so images taken on mobile devices are instantly shared.  If you have not yet heard of or tried Instagram I suggest you check it out along with Pinterest

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