The Importance of Google Maps & Google Local Business

With the expanded use of Smartphones buyers are now using their cell phone to locate companies, products and services.  When a website is built it is not complete without SEO and Social Marketing which includes setup of a Google account and Google Local Business which feeds content to the Google Maps system. 

Consider a driver who has a flat tire on the side of the road who uses a smartphone to locate the closest roadside assistance company.  When we built the Almighty Tow Service website we also built specific targeted websites with multiple ‘locations’ to reach mobile browsers including Almighty Roadside Assistance which we setup as a seperate business on Google.  The website is ranked # 1 on Google for the target search of ‘Johnson County Roadside Assistance’ and a dozen other similar terms and shows up on Google Maps for mobile browsers using smartphones. 

Other local towing and roadside assistance companies (larger and smaller) are paying for ads while Almighty Tow has the # 1 spot online and on smartphones.

The importance of Google Local Business extends to other companies from home builders to places to eat since Google Map results are often placed in Google Search Results.  If a company wants to show up in multiple map search results they MUST have multiple locations (addresses) for Google to consider it. 
A recent Pew Internet study shows 74% of all smartphone users are using their phones for location based services making the Google Local Business and Google Maps submissions a requirement for any company today. 

Contact the website, SEO and social marketing experts at Internet Builder Consulting today to get your website, company, products and services on Google or feel free to call for a free expert consultation 816-842-7774.

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