Optimize & Update Websites for iPads & iPhones

Apple decided not to support Adobe FLASH on the iPhone and iPad tablets making thousands of websites and online applications useless.  The Apple iPad (tablet) accounts for 89% of the mobile shopping sales nationwide.  Websites or online applications still using FLASH will be left out of online shopping and lose business. 

Data from the ‘RichRelevance Shopping Insights 2012 Q1’ shows the average order for iPads ($158) is more than 50% higher than for other iOS devices ($104) and other mobile devices ($105), also significantly higher than orders from users on desktop or laptop computers ($153).

This finding is consistent with results from an Adobe study released January 2012, which studied overall tablet users (not just iPads) to analyze samples of more than 150 US retailers.  The study found that tablet users spent $123 on average per purchase in 2011, 54% more than smartphone users ($80), and 21% more than those who visited via traditional laptop and desktop computers ($102).

It is important to keep technology in mind when developing, designing and marketing online since the best website is only as good as the number of online buyers it reaches.  The Internet Builder Consulting website experts use JQuery for animations and websites instead of FLASH to ensure the best built websites may be viewed by all online users…including iPads.
Any website with animations, rotating photos or images or similar effects built before 2010 is likely due for an upgrade.  You can check to see if a website uses FLASH by ‘right clicking’ on the animations, images or photos to show the menu or options displayed.  Contact the Internet Experts at Internet Builder Consulting at 816-842-7774 for a no-charge consultation of your website to see if it is reaching ALL online buyers for your business!

Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson
Internet Builder Consulting – Building BETTER Websites, SEO and Social Marketing Solutions since 1995

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