On Page Search Engine Optimization is Critical to Success

There are two distinct areas of Search Engine Optimization in terms of a website.  The most important aspect is the on site optimization provided with proper construction of a site while the second is off page optimization.  Off page optimization includes creation of links TO the website from other websites, portals, social networking and blogs.  When a website company designs and develops a new website the way it is built, technologies incorporated and content all affect how a website will rank on Search Engines. 

Keywords with on page optimization activities rank over one page higher in search results.  Properly optimized websites rank11 positions higher than other websites (there are 10 positions on every page).  Template websites often miss out with on page optimization due to the limitation of structure, duplicate content used for hundreds or thousands of other websites and lack of flexibility to properly perform on page optimization.  Template websites will often cost less then also usually rank lower on search engines which lowers the number of potential customers who view the website.

A nice looking website is only as good as the number of people it reaches no matter how much or how little it costs.  The latest tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) include Social Networking, Social Optimization and expanded off site optimization.  New websites must include on site, off site and social optimization to be successful with over 50% of Internet Usage now attributed to Social Networking.  Facebook and Twitter are the two main areas to focus on for social network links and referrals while others such as LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+ and MerchantCircle increase online reach when setup and properly optimized.

Make sure any new online marketing includes the TOTAL PACKAGE for success – leaving any aspect out is like buying a new car without the tires…it may cost a little less but it will never get you where you would like to be!

Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson
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