QR Codes, Mobile Bar Code Scanning & Usage

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) have gained in popularity with the increase in Smart Phone or PDA Phone usage.  Nearly any phone with a camera can now scan and interpret a QR Code providing buyers with instant access to websites, advertising messages, photos or anything on the Internet. 

QR Codes are similar to simple one dimensional bar codes used in stores everywhere with a two dimensional (2D) capability that holds thousands of characters.  Bar codes can only hold up to 20 characters limiting their effectiveness while the 2D QR Codes can store complex data and perform a wide variety of actions when scanned such as:

  • Instantly visit website links
  • Initiate text or SMS messages
  • Show maps and directions
  • ‘Like’ or visit facebook pages and social networking
  • Send emails
  • Place calls
  • Run applications or programs
  • Instantly perform actions designed to inform, assist and entice buyers

The example QR Code to the right is a link to www.InternetBuilderConsulting.com which can be scanned with a Smart Phone, Android phone, Windows phone, Blackberry, iPhone or thousands of other devices.  QR Codes have been popular in Japan for more than 10 years, the US Market is just now expanding use.  Airports are now using QR Codes to check people in for flights, coffee shops can use QR codes to place and pay for orders.  Real estate companies use QR Codes on signs at homes for sale to instantly provide an ‘online brochure’ and photos of listings. 

June 2011 over 14 Million Mobile Users in the US scanned a QR Code on their mobile device.  Of those 16 million scans 60.5% of them were done by males and those with a household income of $75,000 to $100,000 were 18.6% more likely to scan a QR Code.  The majority of QR Codes scanned came from magazines with 49.4% followed by product packaging at 35.3%, scans from websites were 27.4% and 23.5% scanned codes from posters, flyers or display kiosks. 

Use of QR Codes will continue to expand as more consumers realize the potential for instant information, payments, check-in and time savings.

Contact the Internet Builder Consulting experts for more details on how your business can take advantage of QR Codes, Social Marketing, SEO and websites at 816-842-7774.

Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson
Internet Builder Consulting – Building BETTER Websites, Social Marketing, SEO and Technology Solutions since 1995


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