Microsoft & Bing Search Engine Has the Largest Search Growth

Microsoft Sites, mostly representing the Bing search engine, reported 13% growth in US explicit core search queries between December 2010 and January 2011, according to comScore qSearch data. Microsoft’s explicit core search queries rose from about 1.97 billion to about 2.22 billion.
Nearly 17 billion explicit core searches were conducted in January 2011, a 3% increase from over 16.4 billion in December 2010. Google Sites ranked first with 11.1 billion searches (up 1%).
Yahoo Sites came in second with 2.7 billion (up 4%), followed by Microsoft Sites, Ask Network with 576 million (no change) and AOL Network with 296 million (5% decrease).
Google Sites accounted for 64.6% of total core search queries conducted in January 2011, followed by Yahoo Sites with 17.9% and Microsoft Sites with 12.8%. Rounding out the top five total core search query providers, Ask Network comprised 3.1% of total search queries, followed by AOL Network with 1.6%.

While all total core search query growth among the top five providers was moderate at best, Microsoft had the best rate, almost 7%, rising from 12% to 12.8%. In contrast, Google’s share grew by less than 1% (64.3% to 64.6%). Yahoo lost about 5% of its share (falling from 18.8% to 17.9%), and AOL lost small share percentages.

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Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson
Internet & Technology Expert Websites, SEO, Social Marketing & Consulting since 1995

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