Facebook Increases It’s Lead, MySpace Still in 2nd Place with Other Social Networks Gain Ground

Social networking leader Facebook continued its momentum as it added millions of new users and people spent more and more of their time on the site, according to a new white paper from comScore. “The 2010 US Digital Year in Review” illustrates that Facebook accounted for 10% of ALL US page views in 2010, and three out of every 10 (30% ) US Internet sessions included a visit to Facebook. 

In addition to its tremendous increase in users Facebook grew significantly across nearly every performance metric in 2010. Facebook’s US audience grew to 153.9 million in December 2010, an increase of 38%, as it became the fourth-most visited online property, reaching nearly three out of every four US online users each month. Engagement metrics fared even better, with Facebook’s total time spent surging 79% year over year to 49.4 billion minutes and total page views growing 71% to 76.8 billion.
Facebook Increases Both Younger and Older Users While ‘Young Adults’ Decreased Slightly
The comScore analysis of visitors to Facebook and Twitter showed shifting user demographics during the past year. Facebook saw its 35-54 year old share of visitors decline 9% from 39% to 35.4%, while the younger than 18 segment increased 12% from 9.9% to 11.1%, while users 55 and older about 17% from 11.3% to 13.2%.

Twitter.com, meanwhile, saw a roughly 24% gain in the share of 18-34 year olds visiting the site, but those younger than 18 declined 46% from 17.5% to 9.5%. comScore analysis suggests this shifting composition may partially reflect a shift among younger Twitter users towards other communication vehicles and third-party Twitter apps.

In 2010 Facebook saw an significant growth in the number of people using Facebook, visiting more frequently, and viewing more content on each visit.

Myspace Continues to Lose Ground but Still Remains the # 2 Social Network

MySpace still maintains its hold on the number two ranking in the social networking category with 50 million visitors in December 2010.  The total audience declined 27% and time spent on the site declined 50% over the previous year. 
The business focused social networking site LinkedIn emerged as the third largest in the category with 26.6 million visitors in December 2010 Meanwhile, number four Twitter climbed to 18% to 23.6 million visitors in December 2010.

A few new social networking sites improved this year, as Tumblr.com surged 168% to 6.7 million monthly visitors and Formspring.me rose in popularity among younger social networkers and grew more than 1,000% in the past 12 months. 
Another worthwhile statistic to note indicates that 90% of Online Users visit social networking websites every month.  Social Networking websites accounted for 12% of the TOTAL time spent online in 2010 with the average online user spending more than 4.5 houses on social networking websites each month. 
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  1. Brad Fallon says:

    Facebook again comes up ahead this time and it is still going up considering that it recently has upgraded its tools and marketing strategies.Nice post.

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