Mobile Websites Increase Reach & Instantly Informs Onsite Buyers

In a slow consumer market companies must find ways to reach buyers outside of traditional methods.  Real Estate buyers have come to expect instant information 24/7 from the Internet with the natural progression of this being the ‘mobile website’.  Internet Builder Consulting built a content management mobile website for Greater Missouri Builders, a leading St Louis residential and commercial developer which instantly updates at the same time the primary website is updated using the exclusive content management system (CMS). 

Commercial and Residential listings, locations, floorplans, photos and details are now instantly available online to prospective buyers via any mobile device, iPhone, PDA, Blackberry or Android phone.  Every community or location has the mobile access address clearly posted so on site buyers have instant information, lead generation and content at their finger tips. 

In addition a bar code scanning system was implemented enabling REALTORS or real estate agents to scan the bar code to be taken instantly to the appropriate area of the mobile website for viewing.  Years ago MLS lock boxes began using bar codes and scanners to provide access to homes or properties to a large majority of agents have this capability to now access websites using the same tools!

Another successful tool used by Greater Missouri Builders are the YouTube powered new home community walk-throughs.  Integrating Social Media with existing videos enabled the builder to provide video walk throughs of properties online and with the mobile website like this Chesterfield New Home Community YouTube Video.

Contact Internet Builder Consulting today to see how our teams of experts can build a BETTER website, mobile website, Social Media Marketing or other technology solution for your business!

Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson
Internet Builder Consulting – Building BETTER Websites and Online Solutions since 1995

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