Ability is Greater than Money

Ability is greater than money because it can be neither lost or stolen.  

If you study the lives of very successful people you will find that they rarely climb to the top of their business or profession and stay there without challenges.  They often climb to the top and falter several times during their careers but they know that the one thing that got them where they are, their ability, is always there to help them reach the top again.

Your ability is the one thing that you exclusively own; no one can ever take it from you.

The economy and business today continue to be challenging yet those of us with true ability to provide solutions will succeed.  Builder Consulting builds better websites, our unique ability is to place websites on search engines and build long term successful relationships with customers who become partners.

What is your unique ability that will help you succeed in good or bad times?

Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson
BuilderConsulting.com – Building Better Websites and Technology Solutions since 1995
913-814-8844 Offices

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