Excellent Reading on Business, Customer Service and Marketing

Over the years I saved hundreds of good articles and wrote more than a few myself pertaining to business, taking care of customers, marketing and life. A few of my favorites are linked below for review…

Bill Gates article from Microsoft on his success, challenges and business

Your attitude can make or break your success by Jeffrey Gitomer

A few Tips on Dealing with Difficult Clients or People by Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson

Boring Marketers have Skinny Kids, a great article about marketing by Terry Brock

Think About What the Customer Wants (most companies miss this) by Jeffrey Gitomer

If You Fail, it’s because you’ve chosen to fail – an EXCELLENT article on personal responsibility and success by Jeffrey Gitomer

Turn to The Masters for Sales Principles a few key points from successful ethical sales and marketing experts by Jeffrey Gitomer

Busy or Productive – tips and points on organization and time by Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson

Life is about learning, growing and succeeding through doing what is right and helping others when the opportunity permits. The continued success and growth of Builder Consulting is due primarily to following these principles. If your business would like to be successful online contact Builder Consulting for expert website, online marketing and Internet Consulting solutions 913-814-8844.

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