Netextinct – Business, Services & Items the Internet is making extinct

Netextinct –adjective
1. no longer in existence; that has ended or died out: travel agencies are quickly becoming netextinct.
2. no longer in use; obsolete: a netextinct business
3. having ceased operations; no longer active: an extinct business due to the Internet

The Internet provides millions of people instant access to information, products, services, friends and constantly evolves as a child coming of age. With the apparent benefits there have been those affected by netextinction replacing their business model or service with the click of a mouse. Consider when was the last time you called a travel agency to book an airline ticket? Online classified ads are up 500% while newspapers fail or close their doors daily. Car dealerships now accept that most buyers have researched prices, makes, models and know more about the vehicle they want to purchase (due to the Internet) than the salespeople making the classic ‘used car salesperson’ obsolete.

These businesses have become netextinct; victims of the ecommerce (another word that never existed before the Internet). What other businesses or services would you consider to be netextinct or in process of netextinction?

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